Your Time is Precious, So Leave the Content to Us

As a business-owner, you know that the content on your blog, your product descriptions and even your Twitter feed can make or break you. It’s vital that you have a coherent, on-point and well-executed social media strategy as well as, of course, some killer content. You need readable, interesting and informative blog posts, articles and infographics, as well as maybe ebooks and long-form articles.

This content generation all takes a lot of time and effort and even if your marketing team comprises Twitter addicts and SEO gurus, they may not have the time to research and compose amazing blogposts.

It can be tempting to ask someone from another department to do a post once a week or so, but what happens when he’s too busy one week? How do you prioritise his workload? Plus, there’s also the risk that as knowledgeable as he is, his writing style doesn’t charm the birds out of the trees…

You need an external writer

By outsourcing your content production to us, you can save dozens of hours each month. Writing top-notch blog posts takes time and as we all know, time is money.

It’s not just about knocking out 500 words in a great big splurge of consciousness. You could do that, of course, but chances are that no-one would read it. You need to do all the research, maybe an interview, think about your own experiences, keep up with industry news, think up some eye-catching titles. That’s before you set down your first words.

Then you write the post. This might only take you an hour if you’re a bit of a natural, but then you’ve still got to proofread it, add credits or references if necessary, then do some edits, find some good images to go with it and then upload it.

It’s a huge commitment

All told, a blog post can take at least three hours and if you’re aiming for two or three new posts a week, that’s around 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month. As the saying goes: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

The in-house time commitment is massive, even for an ex-journalist who can reduce the turnaround time to a couple of hours. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these lying around, then great, but not many companies do. You could pay one to come in for a day, of course, but then there’s the sourcing, the insurance, the desk space, the coffee

External writers have their own coffee

Managing in-house content production takes up loads of time and effort. Outsourcing it, however, doesn’t. Of course, you will spend some time with the writer (or with us), talking through your requirements, bringing them on-board with your house style and aims, but once that’s done, it’s done.

The other huge advantage is that you don’t have to pay a full-time or even a part-time salary; you don’t even have to supply them with coffee because they’re working elsewhere! Our writers are freelancers; they’ve already been vetted, they’re experienced and they have their areas of expertise. We’ll match you with the best writer for your company and your needs. You are one of several regular (and valued, of course) clients that this writer has, so they can do one batch of research into the latest widget-tech, then produce brilliant, relevant and informative content for everyone because all of their clients are in the widget industry.

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