Web Content Writing For Clients Who Know That Waiting Equals Saving

If you’ve never heard the saying “Waiting equals saving,” it’s because we’ve just made it up. It’s got a good rhythm to it. We like it. You might see it on an ad of ours in the future but right here, right now, we’re using it because it neatly sums up the UK web content writing service we offer.

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We could have written

this next section in a flowing paragraph of prose but we know people like their text short and punchy.

However, if short is how you like your deadlines,

we’d better part ways now. We’re called Wait for a reason.

We write content for clients who can wait four to 12 weeks for it.

Whether it’s a 500 word blog or 1000 character product description, if you don’t need it yesterday or even next week, we’ll write it. Brilliantly.

Playing the waiting game pays.

The longer you wait, the less you pay. Sounds fair to us and works well for clients who want quality written content a month or so down the line.

We don’t make you wait because we’re lazy…

It’s just easier for our writers to deliver your work if they’ve got more time to fit it in with their other commitments. If you want to write for us,

Just brief us and leave us.

We’ve got quality writers who’ll nail your brief. So if you have the time and want to pay less for great content, then why not Wait?

We dot the Is and Js and we even cross the Ts and Fs

Giving our UK content writers more time means we can ensure you get precisely the content you want on deadline day. The sort of work our UK freelance content writers write include:

  • Blog posts that inspire comments and reactions
  • Ecommerce product descriptions that compel readers to hit Buy
  • Category content that’ll convert…your finance manager into your biggest fan


Even better, we’re more scalable than a gentle incline on a sunny day, with the capacity to handle up to 3,000 articles every week of the year.

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Why Wait?

You wait because you can save money by waiting for your written content. You can save up to 50% if you wait five weeks or more.

How do we do it? It’s simple maths, which is the sort of maths we all like. Our freelancers charge less the more time they get so we’re able to employ fewer frontline staff to manage projects. So then, we can pass on the savings to you because we’re nice like that. Need more reasons to Wait? OK…

  • We’re totally reliable – you’ll get an SLA to prove it
  • Only great writers write for us – we love them lots and pay them well so the affection is returned
  • We’re easy to contact, so if you need to get in touch with us you don’t have to click link after link - just this one
How Wait Works

How to order content from Wait.co.uk

Ready to order? This is the one time you don’t have to wait with Wait. Head here right now

Step 1
Step 1

Tell us what you want, including those all-important keywords. Also, tell us how long you can wait for your content. Remember, your deadline needs to be at least four weeks away because the longer you wait, the less you pay.

Step 2
Step 2

We’ll assign your brief to one of the 230 top quality sentence-structuring word weavers that are our freelance UK content writers. We’ll also give you a Service Level Agreement so you know what to expect by when.

Step 3
Step 3

Your written content will be delivered on deadline day. We don’t do drip feeds, all the copy is delivered at once.

Questions about Wait.co.uk


Where is Wait.co.uk based?

Wait.co.uk is based in Cheltenham, UK. We are a part of Coaley Peak Ltd.

How many UK content writers does Wait.co.uk have, and how scalable are you?

Wait.co.uk has access to more than 230 freelance copywriters and proofreaders, so it’s easy for us to adapt to larger orders. We have well-developed and efficient systems that allow us to scale up to large-volume orders.

Is Wait.co.uk a content writing company or a content writing platform?

We’re an agency, not a platform. All of our writers and proofreaders are hand picked and are among the best and most reliable in the industry.

How long is the turnaround for content writing with Wait.co.uk?

Our turnaround times are between four and 12 weeks in most cases. This gives our content writers the time to research the subject and to polish the posts or articles so that they’re the very best they can be.

What is the minimum order for copywriting?

The minimum order size is £500.

Can I become a freelance content writer or proofreader for Wait.co.uk?

Yes. If you feel you fit the bill then visit [email protected]. Hurry up, though, as we’re very popular!

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