Our freelance content writers were too busy yesterday to promise anyone anything. Most of them have got novels or screenplays or some other writing side hustle going on that they hope will one day let them drop the ‘copy’ from their job title.

There are around 230 such freelance writers that we can call upon here at Wait.co.uk. They’re not sitting around tapping their spacebars waiting for your brief to come in. Right now, one of them is probably crafting a scene in a horror screenplay in which a zombified student is trying to consume his mother. Probably. Another may be tinkering with a chapter they’re writing in a novel where A meets B then gets lost at sea. Maybe.

Who knows? All we know is that they’re just not going to be able to write your content yesterday, tomorrow, or even next week, even if we asked them really nicely.

But, if you’re prepared to sit tight, hang loose and wait for between 4 and 12 weeks, we’ll get them writing for you and delivering amazing content that’s well worth waiting for.

What’s more, the longer you give us to write your content, the less we’ll charge you for it. Call it quid pro quo or something else Latin if you like.

And we are totally scalable, so whether you want 3 blog posts or 3000 product descriptions, we’re ready and… er… waiting.

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