Why You Should Outsource Your Blog Writing

If you run or own a small business (or, indeed, a business of any size) and you don’t have a blog, then you might as well give up. An engaging blog, that’s updated at least two or three times a week, can work wonders for your business, bringing in new customers and helping you to retain existing ones. What’s not to love about the blog, right?

Well, for a start, writing and maintaining the blog. This takes up a lot of time. Countless businesses start off blogging with great enthusiasm and then it all…just…tails…off… This causes a lack of traffic, a fall in rank and it can even damage your company’s reputation. Blogging counts.

However, there’s always something else to do, like tax returns, buying in new stock, sending out invoices, sending out reminder invoices and occasionally even sleeping and eating. Who has the time to drum up ideas, do the research and then, finally to get around to writing those posts?

The simple answer is someone else.

Outsourcing your blogging – paying someone else to do it – might seem like an expensive option, but if your last posting was four months ago and you’re watching your unique visitor ticker winding down you can’t afford not to make the investment. There’s loads of benefits to outsourcing.

You’ll get consistency

No matter what you’re doing and where you are, your blogger will carry on writing high-quality articles for you and they’ll be posted frequently and on time. You need to have a strategy and process for sharing the blogs to get the full benefit, but this is easily arranged.

You’ll attract new customers and keep your regulars

Having engaging, regular new blog posts keeps people reading and keeps them coming back. You’ll get shares, followers and comments, which all help your profile. Just make sure the content is varied in subject matter and length.

You’ll have some free time

Realistically, we all know that this means more time to focus on your business, but who knows? One day you could carve out ten minutes to lie down and stare into space. We can all dream, anyway…

You can stop feeling guilty

Well, you can stop feeling guilty about not having written a new post for two weeks, anyway. Have you done those taxes yet?

Your SEO will get a good boost

Search engines look for regularly updated websites and if they find one with relevant, good-quality information in it then they’ll love it and give it a leg-up.

You’ll gain authority

If you hand over the reins to the right people, then your blog posts will know what they’re talking about. Even if you get some comments from people who disagree, it’ll be intelligent debate. People will buy from companies who have authority.

You’ll also look great

This doesn’t mean you – you’ve been up all night doing your taxes – but your blog will look great. Another task that you’ll have taken from you is looking for images and sorting out layout for a blog. It’ll all be done for you. This can only help to improve the perception of your brand.

Outsourcing is surprisingly good value

If you think about it, hiring someone to produce, say, four posts a week is cheaper then having someone in-house. It’s also cheaper in terms of money and time than doing it yourself.

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