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This is the exciting bit. Here’s where you get to tell us what you want us to write for you. Just fill in this form and click the button at the bottom and then, well… wait for us to confirm your booking (it won’t take long) and then wait for us to write your content. Remember the longer you’re prepared to wait, the less you’ll pay, the more you’ll save. And if you order content writing in bulk, that’ll add up to some pretty bulky savings.

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6 Reasons To Wait For Wait To Write
Online Content For You

Imagine all that money you could save

for not being in a hurry. With Wait, you get great written content and get to keep more of your money. It’s a win-win.

Wait gives you access to quality writers

who simply wouldn’t have the time to write your content if you rushed them – they are delicate souls, these creatives, you know.

We can handle up to 3000 articles every week.

3000! Every single week.

We write blog posts, category descriptions, product descriptions.

Anything that you class as content, we’ll write it. Brilliantly.

Waiting 4 to 12 weeks isn’t that long, really.

Did you know that there’s a 14-year waiting list to book a table at the Club 33 restaurant? The chef who’ll eventuially cook your meal is probably still at school.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait for us to come up with number

We promise it will be worth the wait.

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