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SEO Copywriting

It’s now been over a decade since search engines first became a part of our culture. In that time, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we do business. Now that everything is online, it’s never been more important – or more difficult – to make a splash with search engines. That’s exactly why the SEO copywriting service we offer at wait.co.uk has been developed to adapt to the new online landscape, harnessing advanced techniques like semantic variation to ensure that every word is working as hard as it possibly can. It’s no longer enough to focus on keyword densities or metadata, writing for search engines is now an altogether different animal – and it’s one that we’ve learned to tame.

A new landscape for SEO copywriting

Search engine optimisation used to be as simple as including a handful of keywords every few hundred words, but over the years the search engines – and the human readers – have become far more discerning. To some online writing service providers, this change may seem like a burden; a moving goalpost which is as difficult to predict as the direction of the wind. But at wait.co.uk, we welcome it with open arms. The reason for this is that we truly understand the secret to success with search engines: it is has nothing to do with ‘black hat’ tricks and keyword-stuffing, but everything to do with the quality of the writing. That’s why our website copywriters are all fully qualified and trained professionals for whom top-notch written content is their bread and butter.

Search engine optimisation techniques that work

For a long time, SEO copywriters targeted two distinct targets for their writing: the search engine and the human reader. The problem was that while a page of copy with the word ‘toaster’ stuffed into every line may result in higher search rankings, it did nothing at all for a real human being. That’s why search engines like Google got smarter. With its frequent algorithm updates, Google has managed to alter working practices of SEO writers all over the world – and for the better. Rather than looking for repeated keywords, Google now ‘reads’ content on a much deeper level. It actively looks for the semantic relationships between words and phrases. For example, a page with the word ‘toaster’ stuffed into it as many times as possible will no longer rank more highly than one which discusses ‘common kitchen appliances’, ‘bread toasting tools’ and of course, the occasional ‘toaster’ thrown in for good measure.

SEO copywriting services that stay one step ahead

Each of our SEO content writing specialists is trained to understand and predict the ever-changing nature of the search engine. For example, we also understand the power of authority linking. In the past, web pages could happily live in isolation and search engines like Google would rank them equally. Now, these engines look at exactly how a page interacts with others; which pages does it link to, and are they reputable? Cross-linking on-site is yet another aspect of SEO copywriting which has recently come to the fore. Because we always stay on top of the changes in the SEO landscape, we can adapt our writing practices to ensure that the web content we produce for our clients pleases both the search engines and the human reader at the same time. As any copywriter worth their salt will tell you, this is no small feat – but it’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

An SEO-based content strategy: the key to success

If you have yet to establish an effective and reliable content strategy, the premium website copywriting service we offer at wait.co.uk is the answer. Our years of experience put us in an excellent position to lead the pack, not only in the quality of web writing services that we offer, but also with our deep understanding of the fundamentals of search engine marketing. When you choose us to provide your SEO copywriting, you’re investing in a service which will grow, evolve and adapt with you as a business and to the ever-changing conditions of search marketing.

Don’t run the risk of losing traction whenever the search engines update their algorithms. Put your trust in the crack team of online writing specialists at wait.co.uk – and let our success be the driving force behind your own.

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