Common Questions

To save you some time, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I order new content?

You can order content simply by filling in this short form. Simply specify the word count and title of the piece and you’ll receive your invoice within 24 hours.

How can I pay for my content?

You can currently pay for content by using PayPal. Please see your invoice for further details. Larger orders can be paid in advance by BACS.

Can I have a refund on unused payments?

Yes, you can - if for whatever reason you decide not to proceed with an entire writing project, any unused funds will be returned to you. Please note that if your payment method was PayPal you may be subject to PayPal fees when you receive any refunds via this method.

I'd like a credit account - is that possible?

We don’t offer credit - all payments for work are upfront.

How long does it take to fulfil and complete customer content requests?

This of course depends on the nature and size of each request. We aim though however to turnaround all standard content writing requests within 7 working days. Our focus is always on quality and the work goes through a strict editing and quality assurance process. Please fill in this short order form or contact us for more complex or larger orders.

Will my content pass Copyscape?

Yes, all content will pass Copyscape - we use the Copyscape API to ensure all work is automatically checked before it goes to editing.

Will you write any kind of content for me?

Yes, almost! Naturally we don’t create content that is racist, illegal, in poor taste or otherwise inappropriate. We reserve the right to reject content writing requests for any reason.

Do you compose official or informal press releases?

Yes. As press releases require specific information and a different style of research you will need to provide us with enough information to deliver these orders.

My request is urgent, can you deliver my content request as fast as possible please?

Please let us know when you create your content order. We will try and give your request a higher priority, if possible. This cannot be guaranteed however and will depend on the current level of our requests and we will never sacrifice quality for speed - we always aim to deliver the highest quality content possible. In the future, we are planning to introduce a 'VIP' service (which will be slightly more expensive) - this will gave faster turnaround times and the highest priority to VIP customers.

I have a lot of content writing projects I want to request. Can you give me a discount?

If your content requirements are over 15,000 words per month please contact our sales team on the live chat or to discuss large order pricing.

Does your writing team use English as a main language?

Yes, all of our team has English as a main language - we demand a high level of writing skill from all our writing team members which includes thorough testing before they join our team.

I'd like to see some examples of your work, where can I view them?

You can view a selection of our work, by visiting the examples section of

Do you provide free samples of content material in order to help us choose you as a provider or compare to other content services?

Sorry, we don't do this. Please see our examples page for some summaries of our work. All content that is requested must be paid for in advance.