Content Strategy

The 4 pence per word fee includes a lot more than just written content. It forms part of a ‘content strategy,’ which includes optimising page lengths, analysing the weak points of existing website copy and keyword research to ensure the best terms are used. All of this is included free within the usual fee as part of our normal writing service to clients.

Developing Marketable Content

Content strategy aims to produce quality online writing content that is marketable to your target audience. In order to help us devise a strategy that will put your website at the forefront of your target market, we embark on a process to research the online trends in your industry to discover what type of information people are searching for that is relevant to your business.

By identifying keywords that people are searching for and embedding such terms in your website content, we are helping to connect your business to your target market by providing information that is of value and interest to your clients. Researching trends and key words assists us in developing a range of topics and content that would be suitable for your website and its users.

Optimising for Maximum Exposure

The key to great content strategy is optimisation. Our professional content writers must also be professional content marketers as they need to be able to write in a unique style that is not only appealing to website users but also readable by the complex algorithms employed by search engines. If the search engines cannot find your content, your consumers cannot find you.

To enhance website accessibility to search engines, our writers must produce content that is original, authoritative, useful, and popular. All of these factors impact website ranking in search engines and ultimately, how much traffic reaches your site. The only way to produce effective content is to engage in meaningful research that distinguishes our authoritative content from the generic information scattered all over the internet.

Content Strategy Designed for Success

Search engines must be able to read content before it can be ranked. Our content strategy employs a number of considerations including what text to use as page titles and where to utilise links. All of these factors count when developing an effective content strategy to determine what content should be produced for your website.

Our content strategy is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Inspire a call to action for the visitor to do business with you
  • Ensure content is relevant to specific key phrases that search engines can read
  • Present credible information in an authoritative tone that causes people to share your content by linking back to you or mentioning your page in social media
  • Create content that is purposefully written for people, but optimised for search engines

Everyone wants to show up in the top ranks of the search engines. Let our professional content strategists at make that happen by using our expertise and trade secrets to build website content that is driven by passion and designed with purpose.