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February 25, 2014 | Content Corner

Five Great Content Resources to Help Your Business Grow

Great writing is not the only content you can use to make your website a success and give your business a boost. You can also find plenty of tools and resources online that will help you to bring people to your website, and convince them to come back, by enabling you to produce and manage… Read More

February 04, 2014 | Content Corner

Gain Bigger Sales with a Better Business Blog

In the postmodern internet age, one of the most effective ways to draw clients to your business is to manage an innovative and interesting business blog. An effective business blog provides potential clients and other interested parties with both an overview of your business and an understanding of the work you do and the benefits… Read More

January 29, 2014 | Content Corner

Company-Focused Writing

A Big Web Copy Mistake You Don’t Want to Make Whether you’re a business owner aiming to develop your own website, or a content writer providing copy for major companies, there’s one very big mistake you’re making – you’re writing in a company-focused manner. Now what’s wrong with that? Surely the purpose of website copy… Read More

January 22, 2014 | Content Corner

How to Build your Business Through the Art of Persuasive Web Copy

Your company’s website is, to many of your customers, the window into your world. Fortunately, you always hold control over what the customer can see inside. But how can you turn so much window shopping into real world sales? Building your business through persuasive web copy is an ideal (and cheap) way of increasing sales… Read More